Taoist Mountain of Baochu

Hangzhou, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Enjoy early morning or late afternoon walk at the Taoist mountain of Baochu. Pass through Baopu Courtyard, Ziyun Cave, Qixia Cave, Taoist shrines and Buddhist statues. Top off with a fantastic sunrise or sunset at Baochu Pagoda overlooking Hangzhou city.

Walk along the stone path into Baochu Pagoda, best seen during sunrise or sunset with a panoramic view of the Hangzhou city. This famous sight has since been poetically named as "Gem Bathed in Flowing Rosy Clouds". Standing at nine storeys tall, the pagoda was originally constructed in the year of 963.

Afterwards, we will continue through other attractions such as Baopu Courtyard, Ziyun Cave, Qixia Cave, as well as other Taoist shrines and statues along the way.

The tour typically takes around 2-3 hours or more, depending on how long you would like to spend in each places.

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