Shunde Culinary Tour

Guangzhou, Hunan, Fujian and Guangzhou, China

Visit Qinghui Garden and Huagai Road to sample the double-skinned milk. After authentic Shunde lunch at Fengcheng Restaurant, learn about folk arts and Bruce Lee at Shunde Museum. Dinner will be at Zhuroupo Private Home Cuisine or Bingsheng Mansion.

Shunde is awarded a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy for its outstanding culinary arts representing the long-standing tradition of Cantonese flavours, characterized by inventive cooking methods, creative presentation, nutritional value and "light, fresh, crispy, tender, smooth and genuine" flavours.

We start the day by visiting Qinghui Garden in Foshan. Built during the late Ming Dynasty, it is the quintessential example of traditional South China Garden with traces of Lingnan gardening style. It is one of the ten most famous gardens in China. The garden was a former mansion of Huang Shijun, the Number One Scholar of the highest imperial examination during the reign of Emperor Wanli.

We continue to the Huagai Road Pedestrian Street, built during the Warlord Era to replicate the original vibe of the Fengcheng Old Street, known for its five-coloured streets. Here, you will sample the famous double-skinned milk, a signature dessert in the area.

Lunch will be at Fengcheng Restaurant, known to serve authentic Shunde dishes.

In the afternoon, we head to Shunde Museum, where you will learn about the folk customs and art of Shunde, including a specially designed gallery about Bruce Lee.

Dinner will be served at either Zhuroupo Private Home Cuisine near Foshan or Bingsheng Mansion near Guangzhou. Zhuroupo Private Home Cuisine is the site where the CCTV food documentary "A Bite of Shunde" was filmed in, and ever since, numerous Hong Kong and Taiwan stars have dined in this place due to its strong reputation. Bingsheng Mansion holds one Michelin star for its innovative and refined Cantonese cuisine but seat has to be reserved in advance and subject to availability.
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