Shennong Altar, Guanmen & Tiansheng Bridge

Shennongjia, Sichuan and Yangtze Cruises, China

This half-day tour will bring you to explore the Shennong Altar Scenic Area, Mount Guanmen and Tianshen Bridge Scenic Area.

Hugged by lush green mountains at the south gate of Shennongjia, the Shennong Altar Scenic Area is a centre of worship for Chinese Gods and ancestors including the legendary Emperor Shennong. In the centre of the altar, you can find a statue of bull head and human body which represents the symbol of Shennong standing between the mountains.
We continue to Guanmen Mountain, intersected by sharp peaks of lush forest and ancient geological rocks with enviable biodiversity. Next, we explore the scenic caves, bridges, waterfalls and lakes of the Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Area.
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