Nature and Cultural Tour

Hangzhou, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Visit the remarkable Lingyin Temple and appreciate the tea culture at Longjing Green Tea Plantation and Meijiawu village. Stroll along the serene bamboo-lined path forest at Yunqi before visiting Qinghefang Old Street.

Today, visit the remarkable Lingyin Temple - one of the ten most renowned ancient Buddhist monasteries in China which hold the largest statue of Buddha Sakyamuni! Head to Longjing Green Tea Plantation, the origin of the most famous green tea in China while being surrounded with breath-taking natural sceneries.

Wander around Meijiawu village to admire the stunning mountains, historical houses and lush greeneries while breathing in the refreshing fragrance of tea. Proceed to the bamboo-lined path of Yunqi - a bamboo forest with its exquisite pavilions, pagodas and streams. Stroll along this serene forest away from the hustle and bustle.

Afterwards, visit Qinghefang Old Street, one of the oldest streets in Hangzhou surrounded by well-preserved ancient architectures. Experience the historical and cultural aspects of Hangzhou while immersing in the atmosphere of this ancient town.

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