Mogao Caves, Singing Sands Mountain and the Crescent Moon Lake

Dunhuang, China

This full day tour covers Dunhuang's main site including Mogao Caves (including special access caves), Singing Sands Mountain and Crescent Moon Lake with lunch. Enjoy a sunset dinner by the sand dunes.

Visit the Mogao Caves and explore the Mogao Grottoes (also known as Caves of the Thousand Buddhas), a series of caves which contain religious artwork dating back as early as 4th century and up to 14th century.  Of the 600 surviving caves, only 30 are open for visit by members of the public. We include special access to caves normally not available to public. Lunch is included.

Ride a camel to view the Mingsha Mountain or Singing Sands Mountain. Visit Crescent Moon Lake, a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert and surrounded by Mingsha Mountain. Enjoy a fantastic sunset dinner by the sand dunes before returning to Dunhuang.

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