Meizhou: Home of the Hakka People

Tulou, Hunan, Fujian and Guangzhou, China

Meizhou is known to be the cultural and spiritual hometown of the Hakka people. You will visit Hakka Museum (closed on Mondays), Thousand Buddha Pagoda and Hakka Weilong House.

Meizhou is located approximately 2 hours of driving per way from the Tulou region.

Start by visiting the Hakka Museum to learn about the origins of the Hakka or the "Guest People". Hakkas are a unique Han Chinese ethnic group whom first migrated south through Jiangxi during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) following periods of war, and then onwards to become one of the prominent overseas Chinese around the world.

Due to its mountainous location, Meizhou is home to numerous scenic sights. One example of such sight is the Thousand Buddha Pagoda at the top of Dadong Mountain. You will find many treasures such as the Buddhas engraved into the different floors of the tower.

Finally, we visit the "coiled dragon houses" of Hakka Weilong House, shaped like a horseshoe which evokes the imagery of a dragon napping at the foot of the mountain.

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