Kawagebo Peak Hike

Meili, Yunnan, China

Wake up early to catch sunrise at Kawagebo. Visit Qudengge Temple and Feilai Temple to appreciate the beauty of the mountain. Afterwards, we drive to Kala mountain for 2 hours of hiking to Mingyong Glaciers.

Kawagebo Peak is the highest mountain in the Chinese province of Yunnan. It is located on the border between Dêqên County, Yunnan, and the counties of Zogang and Zayü of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

After breakfast, visit Qudengge Temple where local people get the “key” to worship Mt. Kawagebo. Followed by a visit to Feilai Temple for the best position to enjoy the view of Meili Snow Mountain. It was originally built in the 42nd year of Ming Wanli’s reign (1614 AD), with a history of almost 385 years.

After lunch (on your own account) we drive to the Kala mountain for 2 hours hike.

Notes: Altitude of Kawagebo Peak: 6,740 meters (21,221 feet)
High altitude, cold, short hiking around Baiman snow mountain

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