Hongcun Village & Mukeng Bamboo Forest

The Yellow Mountains, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Visit Hongcun Village, one of Yellow Mountains' must-see communities. Be mesmerized by the charming ancient town as you stroll the traditional streets and learn more about Huizhou local culture and history. Afterwards, wander Mukeng's Bamboo Forest.

Set in beautiful countryside and one of the must-see areas of Yellow Mountains is Hongcun Village. Be mesmerized by the charming landscape with ethereal morning mists, with water lily ponds and hills as its backdrop. It is well known for its traditional and conventional village layout as well as their authentic folk customs and cultural ideas. The village's traditional features blend in beautifully with the natural environment, making it an exceptional representation of Huizhou local culture, building techniques and history.

Continue to Mukeng, famed for its Bamboo Forest which became a filming site for the blockbuster movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" by Director Li An.

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