Hike Pabongka Monastery to Chupzang Nunnery

Lhasa, Tibet, China

From the underappreciated Pabongka Monastery, hike along Tashi Choling Hermitage and Dode Valley into Chupzang Nunnery, home to 80 red-robed nuns.

First established in the 7th century under the rule of King Songsten Gampo, Pabongka Monastery is one of Lhasa's oldest monasteries. It is known for its unique turtle-like shape and the cave under the chapel where King Songsten Gampo meditated.

A 20-minute walk with bring you up to Tashi Choling Hermitage where you can get fantastic views of the surrounding region. Pilgrims who make their way to Tibet often make their way to the upper chapel to drink from the holy spring water.

Afterwards, you will hike along the valley down to Chupzhang Nunnery, part of the Sera Monastery. Chupzang translates to "good water" as the water is supplied by a natural spring.

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