Discover Leshan Giant Buddha & Mount Emei

Chengdu, Sichuan and Yangtze Cruises, China

Visit The Grand Buddha, the largest in the world and Mount Emei. Located in Leshan, south of Chengdu, The Grand Buddha measures 71m in height. From there, onto the sacred Buddhist Mount Emei, sacred to Buddhist people.

The largest stone Buddha statue in the world, The Grand Buddha head itself is 14.7m high and 10 meters wide. This is one of the region's most famous sights, set into the rock cliff overlooking the river.

Measuring over 3,000m high, Mount Emei is the highest of China's four holy Buddhist mountains. Here, Buddhists believes it be the home to Samantabhadra-patron of the Lotus Sutra and Bodhisattva of Pervading Goodness. Marvel at the Buddhist Lamps and the Buddha's Halo, and watch out for the cheeky monkeys.

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