Cultural Lijiang Tour

Lijiang, Yunnan, China

Embark on a walking tour of Lijiang old town and step back in time with the traditional buildings and lovely alleyways. Then head to Black Dragon Mountain Pond and if time permits, visit the Dongba Institute and up to Lion Hill for a bird's eye view.

This morning, embark on walking tour of Lijiang old town and wander along the lovely alleyways and admire the traditional buildings of the past.

Afterwards, visit Black Dragon Mountain Pond, a lovely park with green pastures, waterfalls and meandering streams. If time permits, explore the small but interesting Dongba Institute.

Dive deep into the Dongba culture, where it is the only pictographic language remaining. Immerse in an in-depth Dongba Culture tour through its shamanistic practices and age-old scriptures, written in the only pictographic language that still actively maintained.

As the day wanes, ascend Lion Hill for a bird’s eye view of the town during sunset.

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