Cable Car to Mount Fanjing

Mount Fanjing, Guangxi & Around, China

Board the Yuao Cableway Station to the Wanbao Rock, where you will hike 20 minutes to the summit platform. Admire the Red Cloud Golden Summit, Mushroom Stone, Book-Shaped Rocks, Cheng En Temple and Old Golden Peak.

Wanbao Rock marks the 6,300th step towards Mount Fanjing's peak. Cemented by various rare metals and fossils, it is believed to have been formed around 1.4 billion years ago and was once under the ocean before it gets raised by the sea bed.

Red Cloud Golden Summit is described by UNESCO as an island of metamorphic rock in a sea of karst, believed to have possibly been formed as early as 65 million years ago.

Mushroom Stone is a key landmark of Mount Fanjing. Having stood still despite of rainstorms and winter snow for over one billion years, it represents the key Buddhism teaching of "remaining unbiased" in every circumstances.

Book-Shaped Rocks can be spotted near to the Mushroom Stone, appearing like piles of books spreading out of order when admired from the distance. Legend has it that the ancient monk Xuanzang accidentally dropped a stack of Buddhist scriptures when he returned from the Buddhist center in the West, which eventually became these rocks.

Cheng En Temple is located between two Mount Fanjing summits with its scarlet walls and black tiles. Built in the Ming Dynasty, it was one of the four royal temples in Mount Fanjing.

Old Golden Peak stands at 2,494 metres above sea level near the Mushroom Stone. A temple is located at the top edicated to the Buddha Dipamkara.

Please note that cable car is weather dependent.

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