Basong Tso with Boat Ride

Nyingchi, Tibet, China

Start from the Cypress Tree Reserve before continuing to Basong Tso. Considered the most picturesque lake in Eastern Tibet, enjoy a boat ride at Basong Tso lake which is renowned for the island monastery of Tsodzong right at the heart of the lake.

Tsodzong is founded by a 14th century Lama and is believed to be the soul of King Gesar. Here, you will enjoy the pristine beauty of the lake, which covers 26 square kilometres and located at 3,600 metres above sea level. Snow-capped mountains, glaciers and lush forests are famously reflected on the lake's clear surface.

Along the way, you will also visit the Cypress Tree Reserve, where you can find a 2,500-year-old cypress tree which stands as tall as 50 metres!

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