Amanfayun - Six Harmonies Pagoda

Hangzhou, China

Take time to visit one of the three renowned pagodas in Hangzhou, the Six Harmonies Pagoda, a tranquil place with breath-taking views.

Completed in 970 AD the Pagoda of Six Harmonies stands at 60m tall. This was intended to restore the balance of the six directions of the universe – north, south, east, west, heaven and earth. It was meant to have magical powers to stop the devastating destruction of the Qiantang River tidal bores but also once served as a lighthouse.

Climb the pagoda or around the terraces surrounding it. The site is a short 15 minute drive from Amanfayun and can be easily combined with a visit to Longjing Tea Village via the very scenic Nine Creeks walk not far from Six Harmonies Pagoda.

Please note that it's recommended that you allow 2-3 hours for a return trip.

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