Suzhou & Wuxi

Idyllic canals, stone bridges, pagodas and over 60 landscaped Chinese gardens dot every inches and corners of Suzhou, famously dubbed as the Venice of the East and earned its reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just one hour of drive from Suzhou is the southern Jiangsu province of Wuxi, an entry flight point to Suzhou with its own cultural attractions.

Suzhou Wuxi

Founded in 514 BC as the cradle of the Wu culture, Suzhou has long been a site of strong interest with more than 2,500 years of history. It is one of the oldest towns to exist in the Yangtze basin and become a major trade city once the Grand Canal of China was completed.

Suzhou is most known for its myriad of classical gardens, including the Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden which are listed among the four most iconic Chinese classical gardens. Historic temples, bridges, canals and old streets further add to the distinctive charm of this ancient water city.

Situated on the southern Yangtze River delta on Lake Tai, Wuxi is equally beautiful with its islets and private gardens, as well as the Mount Lingshan Grand Buddha Scenic Area with its 88-metre tall statue.

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