Meet a Survivor in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Meet one of the seven survivors of the S21 Khmer Rouge Prison. This is a sobering but incredibly rare insight into Cambodia's recent and tragic past, and how this fits with the country's modern history. A captivating experience.

This is a tough beginning in understanding Cambodia's turbulent history but it's a fantastic insight if you're interested in history and the people it affects goes beyond the norm. This experience will help you make more sense of modern Cambodia with a familiarity of the events of the late 1970s and how the country continues to recover from this tragedy. You'll do this by visiting Toul Sleng (S21), where only seven survived from thousands incarcerated.

Here you'll have the opportunity to speak with one of the few survivors of Toul Sleng, Mr. Chum Mey, and hear his firsthand account of the brutality inflicted, asking any questions you may have. Chum Mey and the other survivors devote their time to educating visitors about their experience of the Khmer Rouge period. They believe education and knowledge is the only way to avoid events such as this happening again.

Through discussing with Mr Chum Mey, your knowledge and understanding will go far deeper than most visiting the area.

Please note that Mr. Chum is very much subject to availability at the time of booking so we recommend booking far in advance to avoid disappointment.

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