Things to Do in Cambodia

Cambodia has a compact set of highlights making it easy to tick off all the main places to visit in one short visit. Most trips will begin in the capital city of Phnom Penh, where you can learn about the history of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. The city also has some lovely riverside restaurants and a decadent Royal Palace. From there, Siem Reap will be your next stop for the jewel in Cambodia’s Crown, Angkor Wat. Head to this extensive temple complex in time for sunrise and enjoy wandering around the intricate ruins, some of which are still hidden away, crumbling under jungle vines.

Other highlights of Cambodia include the coast. Whether that’s the sleepy coastal town of Kep, famous for its fresh crab served from rustic shacks on the water’s edge, or the utterly idyllic Koh Rong archipelago where you can stay at an exclusive private island retreat, be sure to make time to visit Cambodia’s coastline.

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