Gangtey Goenpa Monastery

Gangtey, Bhutan

The Gangtey Goenpa monastery, or Gangteng Monastery is the main seat of the Pema Linpa tradition of the Nyingmapa school of Buddhism. Dating from the 17th century, it has superb views and guests usually visit before taking the Gangtey Nature Trail.

Rigdzin Thinley founded the temple in 17th century and today the Goemba is the seat for 9th reincarnation of Terton (Treasure) Pema Lingpa. It is said that the migrating Black-Neck Cranes circle the Monastery before coming to settle down in the valley each winter. When they return to Tibet in the summer, they re-circle the Monastery and fly back home. It is in this Monastery that the Black Neck Crane festival is held.

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