Hotels in Bhutan

The accommodation in Bhutan ranges from the highest quality luxury lodges to charming local hotels. The luxury lodges ooze elegance and sophistication while keeping within the local Bhutanese style. The service in these lodges is flawless, from providing you a hot water bottle while you sit on the terrace with a delicious cocktail to organising the ultimate private dining experiences while you look over the valley and the snow-capped mountains. A huge focus of the luxury lodges is wellness, health and inspiring you to be at one with yourself and the nature around you, our experts can pre-book you an ultimate hot stone bath after a long day of hiking and exploring the countryside.

There are also more local 3* lodges which are more basic and rustic in style but still allow you to enjoy the charming Bhutanese experience. Our specialists can guide you to the best ones to get the most out of your time in each valley. For those who really want to immerse themselves in nature there is also basic camping available as a night experience or part of a multiple day trek.

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Bhutan Hotel Ideas

Our specialists have travelled every inch of Bhutan and stayed in countless hotels so that we can recommend only the very best ones to match your preferences. Whether you want to stay at the hottest property in the area or are looking for somewhere with rustic charm, our handpicked selection of hotels has every angle covered.

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