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Julie Norton

San Diego Office

I took my first international trip to Ireland when I was 17 and have been excited about exploring new places ever since. Every time I travel I like to go somewhere drastically different from the last trip. From cities skyscrapers to jungle treehouses there are so many types of experiences waiting to be had.

I love animals and so that is usually a big part of any vacation I take, whether that is, bathing elephants in Thailand, swimming with sharks in Hawaii or feeding kangaroos in Australia. There are so many beautiful creatures to meet!

My favorite part about traveling is learning about different cultures. I think it is very important that when visiting a new place you can experience how the local people live and try their language. Another aspect I love is the actual planning that goes into any vacation. This is how I knew that a career in travel would be a great fit for me.

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Travel nuggets

  • Try a solo trip! It is the best feeling to know you did something so big on your own. It doesn’t matter where you go but take some time for yourself and you might be surprised by things you learn along the way.

  • Rolling instead of folding your clothes creates extra space in your suitcase.

  • To reduce the feeling of jet lag stop comparing what time it is at your destination to what time it is at home. Ex. If you keep saying you’re 5 hours ahead you will feel like you are 5 hours ahead.

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