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Since first travelling to Latin America over 15 years ago, I quickly became addicted to the vibrant and ancient cultures, friendly people and diverse landscapes the continent has to offer. Fast forward to the present, I have been fortunate to take extensive trips to almost every country from Mexico to Argentina, as well as live in Chile.

I am always looking for the best ways to explore and get the most out of visiting a country, and this has lead me to pitching a tent on the side of a 6,000m volcano awaiting a sunrise summit attempt to relaxing in the finest lodges and hotels. Despite travelling to all seven continents, I keep on returning to Latin America to seek out new adventures, as well as revisit locations I will never grow tired of. Memorable highlights include meeting my future wife at the Iguazu Falls; travelling overland through Argentina’s remote Puna desert region; revelling in the party atmosphere of Rio carnival; swimming with playful sea lions in the Galapagos Islands; cooling off in glacial lakes whilst trekking in the Fitzroy mountain range; exploring the vast Mayan temple sites of Central America; and relaxing on many palm-fringed beaches.

In recent years I have also travelled to Antarctica and the European Arctic. As an avid lover of wildlife and photography, I will never forget these close-up encounters with polar bear, walrus and the vast penguin colonies. The polar regions are amongst the most pristine and untouched landscapes on this planet and I can’t wait to take my children there when they are a little bit older.

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Travel nuggets

  • When visiting the Iguazu Falls, stay in a hotel within the national park. This way you get to experience this natural wonder all to yourself before and after normal opening hours.

  • Don’t travel to the High Arctic without a good telephoto camera lens. Polar bear sightings are the highlight for most of us, but they are often hundreds of metres away.

  • El Chalten is one of the best places to hike in Patagonia. There are lots of half day and full day trails offering impressive views of the Fitzroy mountain range.

  • If you like desert landscapes and want to escape the crowds, head to Argentina’s remote Puna region. You will feel like you are on another planet as your 4x4 adventure takes you through a diverse landscape

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