Best Time to Visit USA

America’s climate is as varied as the country itself. The Northern half of the country generally sees four distinct seasons with heavy snowfall in the winter and hot and dry summers. Cities such as New York can feel oppressive in the summer with temperatures over 30°C being common.

The coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, which include Portland and Seattle, have a climate not dissimilar to England with mild rainy winters and changeable summers. Overall the best time to travel in these regions is between May to late September. If you’re looking to see the Autumn colours in New England October and early November are best. The Southern half of mainland America enjoys high levels of sunshine with summer temperatures to match. South Western states, such as Tennessee and Georgia, are humid with temperatures climbing regularly over 35°C in summer. There is also a risk of hurricanes in late summer. For the very best weather then head to Southern California. The state’s climate is famed and enjoys year-round sun. If you’re eager for a winter break, then Florida sees high sun and around 24°C in January and February.

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Climate guide for United States of America

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Alaska 0°C 203mm -3°C 47mm 4°C 57mm 6°C 77mm 11°C 74mm 14°C 92mm 15°C 56mm 15°C 121mm 11°C 171mm 6°C 204mm 4°C 256mm 3°C 192mm
Aspen Snowmass -6°C 23mm -5°C 21mm 0°C 84mm 6°C 48mm 7°C 59mm 14°C 22mm 19°C 29mm 19°C 19mm 15°C 12mm 3°C 31mm 0°C 29mm -7°C 24mm
California 10°C 106mm 9°C 199mm 12°C 95mm 17°C 20mm 17°C 81mm 23°C 0mm 24°C 0mm 25°C 0mm 22°C 3mm 17°C 0mm 12°C 17mm 10°C 108mm
Chicago -5°C 43mm -3°C 0mm 1°C 22mm 8°C 2mm 13°C 52mm 18°C 14mm 24°C 11mm 23°C 0mm 21°C 134mm 11°C 128mm 2°C 34mm 2°C 29mm
Florida 12°C 79mm 17°C 29mm 16°C 76mm 20°C 78mm 26°C 56mm 27°C 132mm 27°C 215mm 28°C 113mm 28°C 0mm 24°C 112mm 14°C 22mm 14°C 90mm
Hawaii 23°C 9mm 22°C 53mm 23°C 2mm 24°C 5mm 25°C 8mm 27°C 145mm 27°C 3mm 28°C 5mm 28°C 54mm 27°C 29mm 26°C 66mm 25°C 42mm
Jackson Hole Ski -1°C 91mm 2°C 141mm 4°C 49mm 13°C 94mm 18°C 116mm 20°C 137mm 24°C 98mm 22°C 113mm 21°C 82mm 14°C 151mm 4°C 48mm 3°C 111mm
New England -8°C 1mm -18°C 0mm -5°C 0mm 6°C 43mm 9°C 77mm 17°C 38mm 21°C 73mm 19°C 32mm 15°C 144mm 3°C 32mm -2°C 2mm -5°C 0mm
New York 1°C 72mm 3°C 42mm 5°C 58mm 12°C 99mm 17°C 153mm 22°C 122mm 27°C 100mm 25°C 15mm 22°C 7mm 16°C 31mm 8°C 27mm 4°C 70mm
The Rockies 27°C 1mm 27°C 2mm 27°C 3mm 27°C 0mm 28°C 10mm 28°C 0mm 29°C 10mm 29°C 45mm 29°C 46mm 29°C 21mm 28°C 0mm 28°C 0mm
The Southwest 3°C 95mm 5°C 89mm 8°C 101mm 16°C 61mm 21°C 123mm 24°C 108mm 28°C 164mm 26°C 54mm 24°C 7mm 18°C 150mm 8°C 36mm 5°C 80mm
Vail and Beaver Creek 0°C 86mm 2°C 73mm 5°C 112mm 14°C 99mm 19°C 179mm 23°C 48mm 26°C 108mm 24°C 65mm 22°C 12mm 15°C 102mm 6°C 21mm 3°C 77mm
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