Best Time to Visit USA

America’s climate is as varied as the country itself. The Northern half of the country generally sees four distinct seasons with heavy snowfall in the winter and hot and dry summers. Cities such as New York can feel oppressive in the summer with temperatures over 30°C being common.

Best time to visit

The coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, which include Portland and Seattle, have a climate not dissimilar to England with mild rainy winters and changeable summers. Overall the best time to travel in these regions is between May to late September. If you’re looking to see the Autumn colours in New England October and early November are best. The Southern half of mainland America enjoys high levels of sunshine with summer temperatures to match. South Western states, such as Tennessee and Georgia, are humid with temperatures climbing regularly over 35°C in summer. There is also a risk of hurricanes in late summer. For the very best weather then head to Southern California. The state’s climate is famed and enjoys year-round sun. If you’re eager for a winter break, then Florida sees high sun and around 24°C in January and February.

Climate guide for United States of America

43°F 3mm
39°F 1mm
42°F 2mm
55°F 6mm
68°F 14mm
74°F 9mm
77°F 11mm
75°F 16mm
65°F 31mm
54°F 26mm
43°F 3mm
44°F 3mm
62°F 1mm
65°F 2mm
71°F 4mm
78°F 7mm
84°F 19mm
95°F 9mm
93°F 10mm
93°F 8mm
91°F 8mm
83°F 4mm
72°F 1mm
63°F 1mm
67°F 7mm
71°F 8mm
80°F 6mm
89°F 4mm
97°F 2mm
104°F 0mm
103°F 0mm
104°F 0mm
101°F 1mm
91°F 2mm
80°F 5mm
67°F 9mm
51°F 7mm
54°F 6mm
65°F 9mm
77°F 13mm
86°F 18mm
90°F 20mm
90°F 15mm
91°F 16mm
91°F 14mm
80°F 16mm
65°F 8mm
58°F 8mm
63°F 13mm
66°F 11mm
75°F 12mm
84°F 16mm
89°F 22mm
93°F 21mm
94°F 21mm
92°F 18mm
92°F 20mm
84°F 17mm
74°F 19mm
66°F 12mm
83°F 9mm
85°F 9mm
87°F 7mm
91°F 9mm
94°F 16mm
95°F 24mm
92°F 20mm
95°F 23mm
93°F 24mm
90°F 12mm
85°F 11mm
83°F 10mm
68°F 13mm
74°F 17mm
80°F 13mm
84°F 16mm
89°F 12mm
92°F 15mm
94°F 13mm
93°F 19mm
92°F 12mm
86°F 11mm
76°F 12mm
71°F 21mm
82°F 8mm
82°F 12mm
82°F 12mm
83°F 9mm
84°F 9mm
86°F 8mm
87°F 8mm
88°F 9mm
88°F 12mm
86°F 14mm
85°F 9mm
82°F 10mm
55°F 1mm
57°F 1mm
68°F 2mm
79°F 5mm
86°F 10mm
93°F 8mm
98°F 5mm
97°F 7mm
94°F 7mm
78°F 4mm
66°F 3mm
57°F 1mm
56°F 4mm
60°F 7mm
68°F 4mm
76°F 4mm
84°F 8mm
95°F 2mm
96°F 2mm
95°F 1mm
91°F 2mm
79°F 2mm
69°F 4mm
57°F 5mm
59°F 10mm
58°F 8mm
64°F 10mm
73°F 14mm
88°F 14mm
89°F 19mm
91°F 17mm
92°F 13mm
89°F 14mm
78°F 18mm
69°F 12mm
60°F 15mm
59°F 10mm
59°F 11mm
67°F 15mm
78°F 14mm
88°F 27mm
91°F 32mm
94°F 20mm
91°F 15mm
90°F 14mm
80°F 17mm
70°F 11mm
62°F 15mm
56°F 25mm
55°F 18mm
66°F 16mm
74°F 13mm
82°F 8mm
88°F 8mm
88°F 4mm
90°F 8mm
84°F 17mm
69°F 22mm
61°F 20mm
55°F 22mm
59°F 2mm
64°F 1mm
71°F 3mm
77°F 6mm
84°F 22mm
95°F 7mm
95°F 8mm
94°F 5mm
93°F 7mm
80°F 4mm
70°F 3mm
59°F 1mm
68°F 2mm
74°F 3mm
83°F 3mm
93°F 1mm
100°F 2mm
111°F 0mm
110°F 2mm
110°F 2mm
104°F 2mm
92°F 1mm
80°F 1mm
68°F 3mm
47°F 4mm
56°F 5mm
68°F 5mm
77°F 6mm
85°F 10mm
96°F 2mm
97°F 3mm
96°F 4mm
91°F 7mm
77°F 4mm
66°F 3mm
51°F 4mm
62°F 1mm
65°F 2mm
71°F 4mm
78°F 7mm
84°F 19mm
95°F 9mm
93°F 10mm
93°F 8mm
91°F 8mm
83°F 4mm
72°F 1mm
63°F 1mm

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