Jungle Beach - Whale Watching

Trincomalee, East Coast, Sri Lanka

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience whale watching during your time at Jungle Beach. You will need to wake up early as you go in search of the world's largest mammals who can be seen on the East Coast from May until around October.

Make sure to get an early night before this once in a lifetime experience as you will set off by 5.30am. For the best chance of catching a glimpse of some Blue Whales or Sperm Whales, you will travel 40 nautical miles out to sea.

The team will explain the different types of whales and dolphins here and their behaviours. Please note that Sperm Whales are the deepest diving whales, so are often difficult to spot. If you are lucky though, you might come across a 'super pod', a large group of Spinner dolphins.

Along the way water and snacks will be provided. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, covering up with a raincoat if possible.

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