Visit Segovia and El Escorial

Segovia, Spain

Located to the north of Madrid, Segovia is a historic city boasting spectacular architecture. With your private guide, stop at the impressive El Escorial palace and monastery, before continuing on to the majestic Alcazar of Segovia.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Madrid to discover the beautiful Renaissance architecture of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites outside of the city. Your first stop will be El Escorial, where the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo was constructed in the 16th century by Felipe II. Explore the former royal getaway, visiting the basicila, the library and the Pantheon of Kings.

Continue north to Segovia, home to a fairy-tale hilltop fortress above the city. This impressive Alcazar is said to have inspired Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle, and with its towering turrets and deep moat it's easy to see why. Take in the spectacular view from the Alcazar before heading into Segovia to admire the soaring Roman aqueduct, found at the heart of the city.

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