Living Desert Safari

Swakopmund, Namibia

This half day tour sets off into Swakopmund's desert terrain in search of its resident fauna. Your guide will seek out fascinating creatures such as specially adapted beetles, legless lizards and geckos. Particularly popular for families.

Accompanied by an expert guide in a 4x4 vehicle you will set off from Swakopmund and into the dunes to bring the desert to life. Learn how desert chameleons have adapted to this arid and rugged environment, or see how the dancing white lady spider cartwheels down dunes. Watch out for the colourful Namib dune gecko whose webbed feet help them run on the sand.

And it's not just the fauna you'll be encountering - your guide will tell you all about the geology and formation of the desert, as well as driving through the dunes which in itself is an exhilarating experience. This is a fascinating half day trip, particularly popular with families but ideal for anyone with an interest in wildlife and learning more about the creatures which eke out an existence in this unlikely environment.

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