Hot Air Ballooning - Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Enjoy the rocky landscape and sand dunes of Sossusvlei from above, soar over the Namib Desert as the landscape changes colour as the sun rises. What better way to view them than from above, drifting gently in a hot air balloon?

Sossusvlei is the only area in Namibia where the hot air balloon is offered. Your day starts very early, in the pre-dawn glow as you are collected and taken to the launch site. A vast patchwork of colours - the balloon, deflated - lies on the ground, and then begins to rise as the hot air is pumped in. Within minutes the balloon is fully ready, and it's your time to clamber into the basket, large enough for sixteen people and subdivided into sections. Your balloon pilot skilfully launches, and you slowly drift up into the air, in one of the smoothest means of transport ever!

Drifting over the Namib Desert you will see the mighty sand dunes and towering mountains in the distance and you'll begin to see how Namibia was created, and what forces lend shape to the landscape. Your balloon pilot will point out areas of geological interest and, weather permitting, you may even drop down low to point out tiny oryx, making their way to waterholes in the morning sun. Take a camera and an extra layer - it can get chilly up high! After about an hour's flight, the balloon will slowly descend to meet the ground party who have been following, and you'll be treated to a champagne breakfast.

For a totally different way to look at Namibia and an incredible experience, we highly recommend the balloon safari in this stunning area of the country.

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