Naadam Festival

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Spend the day soaking up the atmosphere at Ulaanbaatar’s famous Naadam Festival. This one of a kind event is the highlight of the Mongolian calendar and celebrates the three traditional sports of horse racing, wrestling and archery.

With its roots in the ancient customs of the Mongol armies of centuries past, the Naadam Festival has a place at the heart of Mongolian culture. Celebrated once a year in July, Ulaanbaatar’s Naadam Festival is the biggest and most impressive of these thrilling displays of sporting prowess, played out over two days at the national Naadam stadium.  Expect colourful national dress, traditional folk dances and songs, local delicacies and a celebratory atmosphere, as the skilled competitors vie for the winners’ podium across the three sports of archery, wrestling and horse racing.

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