Wind & Clearwater Caves - Mulu National Park

Mulu, Borneo, Malaysia

Start the trip with an exciting 30-40 minute boat ride through the rainforest. Before reaching the caves, make a quick stop at one of the Penen tribe's settlements, to learn about their history and way of life. There is also a small handicraft market.

Climb a few steps to reach the Wind Cave, which is named for the breezes that blow through the chambers. Within the cave, the King's Chamber is the most impressive, with a great number of dramatic stalactites and stalagmites.

It is then 200-steps up to the Clearwater Cave, with more steps inside, but it is well worth the effort. This is probably Borneo's most astonishing cave. It is the longest cave in Asia, with passages totalling over 100 kilometres, and within the cave there is a subterranean river.

Once you have explored the caves, you will have a simple picnic lunch, and also the opportunity to go for a refreshing swim in the Clearwater Spring.

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