Borneo Rainforest Lodge - “Coffin Cliff” Trek

Danum Valley and Tabin, Borneo, Malaysia

Trek up to the “Coffin Cliff”, an ancient burial site of the Kadazandusun tribe, passing through picturesque rainforest and past waterfalls. You will also take in the best views of Danum Valley, and enjoy a refreshing dip in a natural Jacuzzi pool.

The “Coffin Cliff” is named for the hardwood coffins found in the caves on the limestone hills, some of which were laid there hundreds of years ago.

Continue to the "View Point", which offers incredible panoramic vistas over the Danum Valley. On your way back to lodge, stop at the "Jacuzzi Pool". This natural pool is perfect for a cooling swim after trekking through the rainforest.   


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