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Menorca or Minorca is the smaller, lesser known cousin of the popular island of Mallorca. Translated to mean 'smaller island' Menorca, forms part of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the east coast of Spain. Rich in history and full of tradition, its rolling hills, sandy beaches, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful coves, make Menorca an ideal summer vacation destination.

Renowned for its endless sandy beaches, crescent bays and turquoise-blue waters, Menorca has a gentle, calming rhythm, which perfectly complements the laid back but traditional feel of the picturesque villages dotted throughout the island. It's easy to see why its become a popular tourist destination, especially for families with children and as such in 1993, the whole island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There's plenty to see and do and with a rich history, both ancient and modern, days can be spent between the historic monuments, pine-fringed shoreline, the bustling capital Mahón, or the ancient capital, Cuitadella on the other side of the island.

The Menorcans love their summer festivals and regularly celebrate Saint days. The'Festes de Sant Joan' is held in the Cuitadella during mid-June and lasts for three days. It's a great time to visit and see the traditional rituals unfold, with parades of horses and sheep through the streets and bonfires lit on the second day. The flavors of Mencora are a must for any visitor and include the resurgence of Mencoran wine from some of the new wineries on the island, the excellent local gin, Mahón cheese or the local Flaóns. Sweet or savory, each mouth-watering one is a taste not to be missed.

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