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Our guide to Jordan

In Jordan, history and spectacular scenery take center stage. Eons of civilization laid claim to the country’s arid deserts, fragile ecosystems and ancient cities long before the country was even etched onto a map. Since then, waves of invasion have woven the rich heritage of Jordan, all leaving their perennial mark on its cuisine, traditions and architecture. As a result, Jordan is country that sits both literally and figuratively at the crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Hailing at once from the Mediterranean and Arabia, it is one of few places on the planet where you can discover lost kingdoms, swim amongst vibrant reefs, explore crumbling ruins and hunker down in the desert all in just a few short days.

Family Adventure

Jordan is an ideal escape for Easter, May and October Half terms. Showing the children ‘Indian Jones and the Last Crusade’ before you travel always gets them into the mood to visit Petra. The gladiator and chariot show at Jerash is a perfect introduction to the Roman site. A night in the desert as a family, sitting under the stars in true ‘Arabian Nights’ style is something no one can ever forget and floating in the Dead Sea at the end is the perfect remedy before heading back to school.

Gladiators, Sand Dunes and Petra - A Family Adventure in Jordan >>

History & culture

Jordan has always been the crossing point between East and West, where trade routes met and the Roman Empire had its frontier. It’s a land that saw the baptism of Jesus, and where Moses discovered the Promised Land. It was the scene of the conflict between Christianity and Islam during the Crusades. At Scott Dunn, we tailor every itinerary, so you can do as much or as little sightseeing as you wish.

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The wonderful remains of Petra continually attract intense fascination. Petra was the capital of the Nabataean kingdom from around the 6th century BC until its subjugation to the Romans in the 2nd Century AD, and was largely untouched until the 19th century. The site is extensive, and we suggest spending a whole day with a private guide exploring the nooks and crannies. It is always worth wandering to the Monastery at the far end of the site before returning slowly back to the main town.

Petra >>

Amman & Jerash

Jerash is located only 45 minutes from Amman is in no way second best to the delights of Petra. Only recently excavated, the site is one of the best-preserved Roman sites anywhere in the world, complete with amphitheaters, hippodromes, temples and wide streets with 2000-year-old shops. Amman itself is a treasure trove of cultural fascination from its 6,000 seat Roman amphitheater to Byzantine churches, museums and ancient temples.

The Four Seasons, Amman >>

Eco & Luxury Adventure

Many of Scott Dunn’s guests have adored visiting Dana Nature Reserve located to the south of the Dead Sea. It is a chain of valleys and mountains ranging from the rugged terrain of the Jordan Rift Valley to the desert lowlands. As you walk down, you pass local Bedouins, who will invite you in for a cup of tea. Continue to Wadi Rum, and explore hidden canyons by foot to see ancient Thamudic inscriptions or take a 4x4 through the vast open expanse to your own private desert camp.

Dana Nature Reserve >>


You will never forget floating in the Dead Sea, one of the world’s most unique lakes. It looks out over the West Bank, and as such the sun sets directly across the sea making it wonderful in the early evening. Because it is 400 meters below sea level, the temperatures remain more pleasant when other areas of Jordan are much cooler. Day trips are possible to Petra (2 hours) and Jerash (2 hours), creating an ideal mix of relaxation and exploration.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea >>


The Red Sea is the place to dive; Aqaba has 30 dive sites. Even when you are only 100m from the shore, you can experience 50m-drop offs into the abyss. June and July is the best time to come if you are interested in seeing Whale Sharks and February is a good month to see Manta Rays. Alternatively, day trips can be made to Wadi Rum (2 hours) and Petra (3 hours), so the Red Sea can be used as a single center destination in itself.

Intercontinental Aqaba >>

Spa & wellness

The hot springs of Ma’In, located about an hour from Amman and close to the Dead Sea, is for those seeking a spa vacation in Jordan. Stay at the Evason Ma’In Hot Springs; set like an oasis in the dramatic terrain, it is the perfect resort to relax and be pampered. There is a stunning Six Senses spa, treatments focus on the therapeutic properties of the mineral-rich waters. It is ideal for spa weekends, or an excellent place to start or end a tour of Jordan.

Evason Ma'In Hot Springs >>

Unique experiences

Jordan can offer some superb authentic experiences. Just north of Amman, for those wanting to really engage with the local people, you can head to a local Jordanian house for lunch. In Petra, you can try your hand at Arabic cookery at Petra Kitchen. In Wadi Rum, you can take a hot air balloon ride over the desert at dawn. For those even more active, a visit to the Majib Nature Reserve offers a perfect tonic. Rising from the Dead Sea, the only trail is the river itself as you clamber through cascading waterfalls and high rugged wadis. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Jordan & the wider world

For those wanting to combine a vacation to Jordan with other countries in the region, you can easily combine it with Egypt, Oman, Dubai & India. At Scott Dunn, we can tailor-make almost any itinerary, and many guests have opted to extend their stay in the region. 3 nights in Cairo seeing the Pyramids can precede a week in Jordan. There are also many flights to the beaches of Oman and Dubai. Jordan can also be a convenient stop for those returning from the subcontinent.

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