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The continent of Antarctica contains an extraordinary wilderness of ice-sheets, glaciers and barren deserts that have formed over millennia, and is home to huge penguin colonies, sea birds, whales and seals. An expedition cruise to this remarkable destination is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and combines well with Argentina or Chile as part of a truly epic itinerary.

On this spectacular continent you can experience Earth's last frontier and trace the routes of past explorers to witness extraordinary landscapes of haunting beauty. Antarctica’s majestic ice caps have formed over hundreds and thousands of years, measuring up to 4 km deep in places, while gigantic glaciers tumble down from jagged mountains into a frozen sea. Penguins stand huddled against the cold or dive from the foot of tabular icebergs to begin epic fishing trips, while orcas pool resources in their hunt for seals. The scenery changes constantly and the long summer days allow endless opportunities to capture it all on camera. This vast wilderness is usually accessed by flight from Punta Arenas in Chile or by boat from Ushuaia in Argentina, meaning it combines perfectly with either destination.

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National Geographic Explorer Antarctica


Discover Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands on board the National Geographic Explorer. This expedition vessel is equipped with the latest technologies to handle the Antarctic conditions & experienced guides to guarantee an unforgettable adventure.

Best for: Cruise, Adventure, Couples, Off the beaten track

National Geographic Orion Antarctica


Explore the remote Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands from on board the National Geographic Orion, a comfortable expedition vessel, and experience Zodiac excursions and kayaking alongside spectacular Antarctic wildlife and scenery.

Best for: Adventure, Cruise, Couples, Off the beaten track

Call us on 858 345 1763 to start planning your vacation to Antarctica

Call us on 858 345 1763 to start planning your vacation to Antarctica

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