The Scenic Route, Oboke Gorge and Iya Valley

Kotohira, Shikoku, Japan

Admire the wonderful views at Hashikura temple before heading to Oboke Gorge, a scenic stretch of emerald green river. Take a boat ride down and proceed to Kazurabashi Bridge followed by Biwa waterfall and visit to the Manekin Pis Statue.

Revel in the beauty of Shikoku today. Transfer to your first stop at Hashikura Temple and enjoy the marvellous views before heading to Oboke Gorge - a calm, emerald green stretch of the Yoshino River, with white rock cliffs jutting skyward. Enjoy a 30 minute boat ride down the Yoshino River as the guide introduces various rock structures, many of which resemble different animals, and enjoy the colorful foliage along the way. 

Proceed to Kazurabashi Bridge followed by a stop to Biwa waterfall and finally arrive in the heart of Iya Valley, home to dramatic mountain scenery and rocky gorges. Visit the famous Manekin Pis Statue and take a good view of Yoshino River and the green valley.

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