Rural Arashiyama

Kyoto, Japan

A guided day in Arashiyama district, located at the base of Kyoto's western mountains. Take a boat trip on the Hozugawa River before discovering Zen Buddhist temples and the famous bamboo grove, one of Japan's most iconic scenic areas.

Start your day with a boat trip on the Hozugawa River. It is a very pleasant cruise from Kameoka to the center of Arashiyama, whose origin dates back to the 6th Century. The boat has been used as the main mode of transportation from the mountains to cities such as Kyoto, and Osaka. Disembark at Togetsukyo Bridge, one of the major landmarks in Arashiyama, also known as “Moon Crossing Bridge” to continue your visit.

After the boat trip, you will visit Tenryu-ji Temple. This famous Zen Buddhist temple is the head temple of the Tenryu-ji branch of Rinzai Zen sect and part of World Cultural Heritage monuments. It has an excellent garden with a pond stroll that was laid out by a genius garden designer.

From here, take a relaxing stroll around the Bamboo Forests, designated as one of the three most beautiful bamboo forests in Japan. Here, the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind is your soundtrack, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Your final stop today is the Golden Pavilion Kinkakuji temple, originally built in 1397 to serve as a retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, whose grandson used the temple as the inspiration for the Silver Pavilion Ginkakuji temple.

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