Private Tour of Nara

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Today venture outside of Kyoto and explore the ancient city of Nara, the capital of Japan in the 8th century, with a plethora of historic sites to see.

Take the train directly from Kyoto to Nara which is a beautiful city to explore with an amazing history. Alongside the temples and emperors there is also uniquely free roaming deer in Nara Park. The deer are considered as sacred and are protected in the city with many people hand feeding them.

The first site you will visit in Nara is Todaijii which was built in 752 and served as the head temple of Buddhism in Japan. Among the many sites within Todaijii is the Daibutsuen or Big Buddha Hall, so named as this the largest wooden structure in the world designed to protect the Buddha that sits 15 meters high within the building. 

From here you can take a walk to the Kasuga Taisha Shrine where you will find thousands of lanterns donated by devotees to the shrine. The shrine was first founded when Nara was made the first permanent capital of Japan. If time permits you may also wish to visit Naramachi which was once the merchant district in Nara. As Nara was spared bombing and damage in WWII the buildings here have been beautifully preserved and within the district there are many small cafes and museums that you can stop in at.
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