Jewels of Iya Valley

Iya Valley, Shikoku, Japan

Enjoy a full day Iya Valley exploration with a visit to a restored Samurai House, the Bukeyashiki-kita clan before heading to Higahi-Iya Museum.

After breakfast, start your tour of Iya Valley with a visit to a restored Samurai House of the Edo Period, the Bukeyashiki-kita clan. Head to Higashi-Iya Museum and the protected village of traditional Japanese houses "Ochiai", which showcases the houses, architecture, terraced farm plots and ancient walking paths of the Edo period.

Have lunch (own cost), and take the Okuiya monorail as you ride through dense forest and the mountainside for a 60-minute loop. Continue to the village of dolls, known as Kakashi no Sado that is home to over 300 life-size dolls. Try out the 'Wild Monkey Bridge', an ancient method to cross the river in a wooden cart suspended on a rope from one side of the river to the other.

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