Amanemu - Ise Grand Shrine with Seishiki Sanpai

Ise Peninsula, Japan

With Amanemu visit Jingu Shrine (otherwise known as Ise Grand Shrine), one of Japan's most revered shrines and something completely unique to the area. With your guide, you'll explore the many inner and outer shrines, along with taking part in prayer.

Located only 45 minutes away from Amanemu in Ise Shima, the sacred Jingu shrine is one of the most impressive and revered shrines in Japan. Jingu consists of 125 shrines, including Naiku inner shrine and Geku outer shrine, two major shrines. Naiku is dedicated to the Sun Godess Amaterasu-Omikami whereas Geku is dedicated to the goddess for food, agriculture and housing known as Toyouke-no Omikami.

During your stay at Amanemu, you will visit Jingu Shrine along with experiencing Seishiki Sanpai, a form of formal prayer. This happens inside the haiden, a worship hall.

During your private tour, we also recommend that you visit Sengu-Kan, a museum built in memory of Shikinensengu.

Please note that formal attire is necessary and that a kimono is available for an extra charge.

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