Magical Skellig Michael

County Kerry, Ireland

Skellig Michael, a towering sea crag rising from the wild Atlantic Ocean around eight miles off the coast of Kerry, is a mind-blowing destination whose stark spirituality and skirling seabird colonies will live in your mind long after you have returned.

Located right at the western edge of Europe, The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Skellig Michael was the chosen destination for a small group of ascetic monks who, in their pursuit of greater union with God, withdrew from civilisation to this remote and inaccessible place. Some time between the sixth and eight centuries, a monastery was founded on this precipitous rock giving rise to one of the most dramatic examples of the extremes of Christian monasticism.

Skellig Michael can only be reached by boat on a relatively calm day, but if the weather is fair, a visit here is an absolute must. Visitors cannot but be awestruck by the physical achievements of these early monks which, when combined with the sense of solitude, ocean and bird sounds evokes a quiet sense of magic.

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