Things to Do in Ireland

The charming Irish people and the stunning scenery keep travelers coming back to Ireland and Northern Ireland time and again. Whether you prefer for your vacation to be adventurous, romantic or if you prefer a bit more history, there is something for everyone. Explore the cities and ancient ruins with an expert guide as you soak up the incredible history of these storied countries. If music and dance are more your style, let us arrange a private meeting with a professional dancer or musician to give you a deeper understanding of the impact of both for the Irish people.

Things to do

Ireland and Northern Ireland are known for their whiskey and we can arrange a behind the scenes tour of the local distilleries and offer you a glimpse into the world of the best producers in the area. The culinary scene on this small island may have a bad reputation but it is quite diverse. If a cookery school or a tasting tour is of interest, we know the best ones around. Your itinerary can be filled with attractions and activities or it can be quite relaxed. Let us know what appeals to you and we will craft a custom itinerary filled with experiences that match your travel style.

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