Top 10 Zika-free holidays

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, a babymoon or have a little one on the way, here are our top Zika-free destinations so you can travel in confidence. 

Top 10 Zika Free Holidays

Whilst Zika has been largely out of the public eye since it hit the headlines in 2016, it remains prevalent in tropical climates. The mosquito-borne virus has swept across the planet, affecting thousands of people worldwide, yet it is pregnant and nursing women who are most at risk.

This being said, many previously affected countries have recently been declared Zika-free, and on top of that, there are still many destinations that are completely safe to travel to. Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia are often written off by travellers looking to avoid the Zika virus, but you can still explore these magnificent regions worry-free.

Here, we’ve shortlisted a selection of Zika-free destinations to ensure you can enjoy peace of mind during your next holiday.

Beach in Sydney, Australia

If you’re looking for golden sandy beaches, varied landscapes, and the perfect mix of bustling cities and natural wonders, then Australia is the perfect destination. It’s a place where you can slip right in, with no language barrier and a global assortment of cuisine, it makes travelling comfortable and easy as you lounge in their array of boutique properties and traverse their epic landscape.

New Zealand
New Zealand

Step away from the computer screen and into the great outdoors on a New Zealand holiday. Ideal for those looking for a Zika-free adventure holiday – New Zealand is all about soaking in the natural world. Take a champagne break atop a glacier, absorb the sublimity of the remote mountains and forests, and indulge in world-class cuisine. The perfect quiet luxury escape that will have you stretching the boundaries of your imagination.

Beach Holiday, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

For those still craving that coastal holiday, where Aedes mosquitos thrive, Sri Lanka is an excellent Zika-free destination in Asia. Sri Lanka is a place where you can do a bit of everything. Whilst small, you could easily spend two weeks here embracing the warm and welcoming culture, visiting ancient sites, lounging on the beach, eating scrumptious food and searching for wildlife. Although there is a similar subcontinent flair, Sri Lanka is wholly unique and the ideal place for chill exploration.

Turtle in The Seychelles

A beach holiday to Mauritius is luxury at its finest. Soft sandy beaches, world-class amenities, crystal clear waters – Mauritius is a revitalizing destination that’s perfect for unwinding and indulging in the best. There are plenty of things to do for active goers who prefer a mix of adventure with their fly-and-flop holidays. Hike to verdant waterfalls and botanical gardens or take to the ocean for watersports and deep sea fishing.

Creole meal overlooking the beach in Seychelles

Go island hopping in the Seychelles and stay in castaway retreats in this idyllic archipelago. With Inner and Outer Islands, both offering a unique set of experiences, the Seychelles truly has something for everyone, from safe family fun to romantic couple escapes. Choose from private islands, top-notch resorts, or seafront villas. Being so close to South Africa, it’s also the ideal place for a beach and safari holiday.

Dubai, UAE

The UAE exists in the duality of modern glamour set amongst endless desert. Developing at an unstoppable rate, the UAE offers a colossal amount of modern marvels and activities. Or, venture outside the city lights for stargazing, rolling sand dunes and Bedouin culture. Abu Dhabi, the capital city, is an enticing cultural hub with stunning beaches, and world-class attractions like the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Yas Island.

Hajar Mountains, Oman

Looking for some winter sun or a culture-rich honeymoon? Oman is a stunning country with a more authentic feel than its UAE neighbours. Swap ultra-luxury for culture and tradition in this off-the-beaten-track destination. Enjoy a mix of beach and mountains, moving between Six Senses Zighy Bay and the canyons and dramatic landscapes surrounding the Anantara. Oman offers a diverse, less tourist-heavy holiday, creating a great introduction to the Middle East.

Morocco tangines

Morocco is a destination on everyone’s travel wish list. With places like Marrakech, one of Morocco’s most well-known cities, bursting with life. Set at the foothills of the Atlas mountains, it is home to the country’s largest souq as well as the busiest square in Africa, filled with market stalls, acrobats and musicians. Stay at the Dar Zemora, a stunning boutique hotel in the heart of the Palmeraie just outside Marrakech, which has peaceful surroundings and service that is second to none.

South Africa, Southern Africa
South Africa

With Zika-free and malarial-free areas, South Africa is the ideal wildlife destination for those looking for Zika-free destinations in Africa. Head to Marakele National Park to spot the Big 5 and for exceptional birdwatching, or for something more laid-back, head to the Winelands to ride the trams in Franschhoek and picnic amongst the mountains. And don’t forget Cape Town with its cosmopolitan delights, making South Africa one of the most distinct and varied destinations on this list.

Chile's Natural Wonders

Chile is one of the safest destinations in South America for Zika-free travel, as the only country rated as having no Zika-transmitting mosquitos. Chile is for couples looking to don their hiking boots with the Patagonia wilderness, Atacama Desert and rich wine regions beckoning to be explored. Have true authentic experiences and witness some of the world's most rugged and indescribable landscapes on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

FAQs about Zika-free holidays

  • What countries are without the Zika virus?

    The countries listed above are countries without the Zika virus or have the mosquito but no Zika outbreaks. Europe and North America are reliably safe travel destinations, along with those mentioned here. For more information, visit the CDC website, where you can view a global map and each country's current Zika rating.

  • Should I worry about Zika in 2024?

    Zika, while not harmful to most people, should be viewed with caution by those who are pregnant or looking to conceive. Most adults, if infected by the virus, will have few or no symptoms, but it can cause serious birth defects in developing babies.

    Currently, there are no Zika outbreaks reported by the CDC, so it shouldn’t keep you from travelling, but use discretion when choosing your holiday destinations or follow our suggestions above.

    Check here to learn more about the Zika virus.

  • Is Morocco Zika free?

    Yes, Morocco is a Zika-free destination and an excellent place for honeymoons and babymoons. Revel worry-free in the romance this destination offers, soaking in the vibrant culture, bustling cities and indulging in the delicious cuisine.

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