Lake Atitlan Village Tour - Santiago & San Juan La Laguna

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Take a boat across the calm waters of Lake Atitlan to the villages of Santiago de Atitlan and San Juan la Laguna, each with a distinctive character yet both very charming and two of the most fascinating of the surrounding villages.

In San Juan la Laguna, the women are plauded for their beautiful handcrafted textiles and dyeing techniques, which utilise naturally grown plants from the local area. Watch the women create their intricate textiles using a traditional backstrap loom. From here you can visit a local workshop of traditional naïf painters, before taking the boat across to Santiago.

Tuck into a delicious lunch and explore the town with your guide, who will introduce you to Maximón, the Mayan Saint who moves annually to a new home and must be looked after 24 hours a day. You may be lucky enough to see a shaman performing a ritual during your visit at the candle-lit alter. Afterwards, explore the fascinating Catholic church and haggle for a bargain at the bustling market.

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