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Hangzhou, China

At a Glance

  • Set within a working monastery surrounded by parkland on the banks of a winding stream Amanfayun has a wonderfully calm and rejuvenating atmosphere

  • The property comprises the old monastery and ancient village houses surrounding it. Each room is totally unique with its own traditional architectural features, it’s a wonderfully authentic place to rest and relax after day exploring Hangzou

  • There are five fantastic dining options within the property making it ideal for those wanting to experience mix of traditional cuisine alongside western options that will please younger guests

  • There is a fantasttic outdoor pool surrounded by forrest, a little private hideaway form the rest of the property

  • Incredible Aman service and attention to detail

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Shanghai and eastern China’s subtropical climate brings with it four distinct seasons. The weather is generally mild and temperate, with a great deal of rainfall even in the drier months of the year. The frequent monsoon showers and scorching temperatures of June, July and August can make it uncomfortably humid, with the mercury regularly rising over 35°C. Winter is overcast and chilly, although snow seldom falls in this eastern region of China. Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit Shanghai and eastern China, with pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists.


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Insider's View

Amanfayun lies within a pilgramage circuit of 7 Buddhist temples giving an idea of just how important a cultural and religious site this is.

Make sure you go for a meal at one of the outsourced restaurants - The Tea House, Hangzhou House or Vegetarian House - they are independently owned and managed and the food is delicious!

Make sure that you dine one night in the Tea House. This cute little restaurant on site is always popular with locals and makes you feel that you have uncovered a hidden gem.

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Amanfayun is a truly unique rural retreat on the outskirts of the historic city of Hangzhou. A peaceful and luxurious hideaway surrounded by tea fields, natural forest and quaint villages it is the ideal contrast to China's large cities.

Hidden in a picturesque valley, the historical Amanfayun was established during the Tang Dynasty and is comprised of 47 dwellings that originally housed villagers who tended the nearby tea fields. This secluded retreat is only a 20-minute drive along bamboo and tree-lined avenues from the centre of the bustling city of Hangzhou.

Amanfayun offers 42 rooms, suites and villas located within the property and due to the unique nature of the structures, no two rooms are identical. Choose from Village Rooms, Village Suites or Deluxe Suites, some of which are spread over two floors or have their own private double massage rooms. For those seeking maximum space, the capacious Village Villas offer just that and the 2-bedroom Amanfuyan Villa with its private courtyard, dining room and lounge is perfect for families.

The Aman Spa provides a tranquil retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation and the mix of restaurants offer a fantastic choice of cuisine from steamed dumplings to Western dishes for those missing the taste of home.

Once described by Marco Polo as “The City of Heaven”, Hangzhou is still today regarded as the most beautiful city in China due to its tranquil West Lake, countless pagodas, historic temples, botanical gardens and vast wetland areas and there is plenty for guests to see and do while based at this extraordinary hotel.

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Without compromising the integrity of the dwellings, all 42 of the rooms, suites and villas enjoy the comforts of under floor heating, air-conditioning, internet, televisions and sound systems with iPod connectivity but also recognise traditional features such as lattice work, lanterns and fine calligraphy art pieces. Most rooms open to private or semi-private courtyards with informal outdoor dining and lounging areas. There are 16 Village Rooms, nine Village Suites, some of which have separate sitting rooms, twin writing desks or daybeds, 12 Deluxe Village Suites, some spread over two floors and some with the addition of their own private massage rooms, four voluminous Village Villas over two floors with private massage rooms and the two-bedroom Amanfuyan Villa with private courtyard, expansive lounge with dining area and private massage room.


Children are welcome at Amanfuyan but there are no specific facilities available to them except for babysitting which can be arranged on request.


'The Restaurant' is tucked away behind a grove of evergreens and offers Western cuisine and has a bar for drinks and casual dining. The Tea House has a traditional tea service as well as snacks, Hangzhou House serves simple local meals, the Vegetarian House offers vegetarian temple food and the Steam House specialises in homemade dumplings. There is an extensive library, boutique, cigar room, 20m outdoor heated pool and the Aman Spa's treatments draw from traditional Chinese massage and reflexology, as well as from ancient Asian healing therapies.


On occasion Amanfuyan hosts informative talks and presentations on topics ranging from Buddhism and Chinese art, to regional cultural practices, tea rituals, Traditional Chinese Medicine to name a few. Guest Assistants are on hand for anything that is needed, within the hotel or in the surrounding area where there is much to see. There are seven temples and monasteries within walking distance of the hotel and Hangzhou's West Lake is great for boat trips or cycling round. The Six Harmonies Pagoda and Tea Museum are also all well worth a visit.



Dominic Atterton (Staff)

Amanfayun is located away from the centre of Hangzhou in a beautiful area of forest and parkland. Its an incredible setting with a stream rushing through the centre of the property and the cottage like rooms dotted around throughout the forest like a traditional village. The rooms themselves are huge with toweringly high ceilings and acres of space. The style is incredibly clean and calming, lots of beach wood and calm lighting. The hotel is part of an ancient monastery and temple which is still in use and I lost count of the number of monks that I encountered walking along the main cobbled path that winds through the property along the river. Its wonderfully authentic and transports you to a different time and world in which you feel immediately immersed. There is a number of restaurants serving both Chinese and western cuisine and a traditional tea house which I would recommend you visit as its a fantastic experience. There is also a vegetarian restaurant onsite which is owned and operated by the local temple. One of the other highlights is the huge spa, which is set in its own pristine garden. The bath house contains 3 huge cedar tubs which can be filled to different temperatures and is bookable complimentary for guests of the hotel. This is also the location of the large outdoor pool perfect for cooling off in the summer when it can get very warm.


Sophie Jones (Staff)

Amanfayun is an incredible property and as all Aman properties has a real sense of place being located just outside the Lingyin Temple. All Aman guests get special access to this sacred temple and can visit out of regular hours giving a special and much more intimate feel. On top of this there are 5 amazing restaurants that you can dine in whether you want to have western or Chinese. I indulgently went for western as after being in China for 2 and a half weeks I was craving some home comforts. The whole experience from start to finish was delicious and definitely rivalled any restaurant back home!

On top of the dining I was totally amazed by the service which was first class especially with the little things such as the night porters knowing exactly who I was especially when looking lost on the way back to my room. Within a second of me second guessing my route a member of staff had pointed me in the right direction of my room without needing to let them know even who I was.


Victoria Hogg (Staff)

Amanfayun offers lots of wonderful excursions but breakfast on the West Lake is an absolute must do. It is an early start but you will quickly realise that it is so worth it as when we arrived at the West Lake, there was virtually nobody else there - a rarity wherever you go in China! We were introduced to our boat man and sent off in a small boat, accompanied by a delicious picnic breakfast from the Amanfayun kitchen, complete with steaming coffee and freshly baked pastries. We cruised through waterways, under bridges, gliding by bright pink lotus flowers and past small groups practicing Tai Chi on the river banks - make sure your camera is fully charged, this is amazing for photo opportunities!


Amy Welfare (Staff)

Aman's second opening in China is even more spectacular than the first. I took the 3 hour car journey from Shanghai but you can take the quicker train or fly into Hangzhou which is only 20 minutes away. You really do notice that you are in rural China here and the nearby West Lake area is stunning with endless pagodas, temples, gardens and tea plantations. Amanfayun itself is made of what were once traditional village dwellings that have sensitively been transformed into stunning Aman style rooms but due to their unique styles no two rooms are the same. It is amazing to find luxuries such as under floor heating and wi-fi connections in such exquisite buildings but that is the magic of Aman! The food is wonderful and there is a lovely spa but the real attraction here is seeing the everyday village life and visiting the beautiful monasteries and temples and of course the beautiful West Lake. I felt totally privileged staying here in such beautifully restored surroundings whilst enjoying Aman hospitality and visiting such important historic and religious sites.


  • Amanfayun - Chinese Tea Experience

    Combine your stay at Amanfayun with a visit to Longjing Village and at the nearby National Tea Museum, a must for any tea lover.

  • Amanfayun - Hefang Street Tour

    Enjoy exploring the shops and sights of Hefang Street and visit some of its oldest and most famous emporiums and boutique stores. Later take a tour of the Huqingyutang TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Museum.

  • Amanfayun - Impressions West Lake Show

    Enjoy an evening of spectacular performances at the Impressions West Lake, a sensational show of dance, lights and music; a true highlight when visiting Hangzhou.

  • Amanfayun - Six Harmonies Pagoda

    Take time to visit one of the three renowned pagodas in Hangzhou, the Six Harmonies Pagoda, a tranquil place with breath-taking views.

  • Amanfayun - Walking Temple Tour

    Explore the seven local Buddhist temples surrounding Amanfuyan, a pleasant way to while away an afternoon during your visit to Hangzhou.

  • Amanfayun - West Lake Boating

    Enjoy an early start for this romantic cruise on West Lake with breakfast followed by a walk through the majestic Su Causeway.

  • Ancient Shangxiang Pilgrim's Trail

    Follow the ancient pathway of Maojiabu, savour authentic local delicacies which once enchanted Bai Juyi or join local monks for acclaimed vegetarian meal at Faxi Temple. Afterwards, explore the three temples of Tianzhu before descending to Fayun Village.

  • Chinese Fan Museum with Painting

    Hangzhou is famous for its fan-painting culture. Enjoy a visit to the Chinese Fan Museum followed by a fan-painting session which you get to keep as a gift!

  • Chinese Umbrella Museum with Painting

    Hangzhou is famous for its umbrella-painting culture. Enjoy a visit to the Chinese Umbrella Museum followed by an umbrella-painting session which you get to keep as a gift!

  • Evening Tour of Xizha Scenic Area

    Let us whisk you away from the crowd into the lesser-visited Xizha Scenic Area in Wuzhen. The beauty of Wuzhen truly glows in the evening once the crowd of day trippers have left. Explore the many historic sites and ancient alleyways here.

  • Evening Water Spirit Performance

    Enjoy the only water stage performance in China, with performances combining ethnic and modern styles over dances, waterfall curtains and 3D displays.

  • Full day tour of Hangzhou

    Spend a full day uncovering the secrets of Hangzhou with your private guide, exploring the temples of Lingyin and Fei Lai Feng the Tea Museum and tranquil waters of the West Lake.

  • Hangzhou Cuisine Museum

    Get acquainted with the tradition of Hangzhou cuisines, such as the Beggar's Chicken, Longjing Tea Shrimp, Dongpo Pork and more!

  • Hangzhou's Lesser-Known Gems

    Visit the sacred Yuhuang temple, Fuxing temple, admire the Octagonal Royal Farm Field, before learning about silk history at China Silk Museum, the City God Tower and concluding at the romantic Wansong Academy.

  • Helicopter Over Qiandao Lake

    Admire the magnificent Thousand Islets Lake from a bird's eye view as you soar with a view of the lake and surrounding mountains on a helicopter.

  • Hot Air Balloon Over Qiandao Lake

    Admire the magnificent Thousand Islets Lake from a bird's eye view as you soar with a view of the lake and surrounding mountains on a hot air balloon.

  • Impression of West Lake Show

    Enjoy an evening of the iconic "Impression of West Lake" show, with captivating performances coupled with spectacular visual effects and dazzling lights staged on the beautiful West Lake.

  • Lingyin Temples Walking Trail

    Discover the trail of temples, pagodas and Buddhist grottoes. Start from Lingin Temple into Feilai Feng, hiking up into Yongfu Monastery, Taoguang Temple and the North Peak for a view of "Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds" before descending with a cable car.

  • Longmen & Shen'ao Ancient Towns

    Today, we will discover some of the most secluded ancient rural villages just south of Hangzhou, including Longmen which is said to be hometown of the Three Kingdoms and the authentic Shen'ao with its fascinating underground water supply.

  • M50 Art District

    Explore the contemporary art scene of M50 with its boutiques, galleries and studios. Chat with local artists and discover the modern culture thriving inside the bustling Shanghai cityscape.

  • Moganshan Hiking

    Hike through the Jianggong Ancient Path, enjoy a cup of coffee at 395 Laoshulin Outdoor Station, then continue from Zhonghua Hill to Luhuadang before descending from the scenic route of Moganshan-Jianchi Feipu.

  • Museums, Jade Buddha Temple and M50

    Explore the cultural riches of Shanghai, both ancient and modern, as you travel through the city, from the artefacts of the Shanghai Museum to the religious heritage of the Jade Buddha Temple and on to the contemporary art scene of M50.

  • Nanxun Water Town

    Make a trip to Nanxun. Walking along the canals of the old town, one will not see enormous herds of tourists, but instead, locals washing clothes, sipping tea or playing cards beside the water.

  • Nature and Cultural Tour

    Visit the remarkable Lingyin Temple and appreciate the tea culture at Longjing Green Tea Plantation and Meijiawu village. Stroll along the serene bamboo-lined path forest at Yunqi before visiting Qinghefang Old Street.

  • Old City of Xian and The Big Goose Pagoda

    Enjoy historic Xian with your guide, learning about its city walls and visit the world famous Wild Goose Pagoda.

  • Plant Foraging at Ancient Shangxiang Pilgrim's Trail

    Learn how to identify local plants based on appearance, touch and smell as you move along the quaint Maojiabu Village and upper Tianzhu along the ancient Shangxiang path in search of ideal foraging grounds.

  • Qiandao Lake Boat Tour

    Take a boat ride through Qiandao Lake. With more than 1,000 islands on its clear waters, explore some of the famous islands including Bird Island, Snake Island and Monkey Island.

  • Seal Engraving Workshop

    Tour the seal engraving museum in the Gushan area. Afterwards, you will have the chance to create your own stone seal with the guidance of an engraver from the Xiling Seal Art Society.

  • Shanghai Cultural Tour

    Explore People Square and its surroundings in the heart of Shanghai flanked by modern skyscrapers yet brimming with culture. Marvel at the rich collection of artefacts in Shanghai Museum. After a Dim Sum lunch, walk along the street in Yuyuan Bazaar.

  • Shaoxing Water Town

    Visit the former residence of Lu Xun, enjoy a traditional wupeng boat ride across the canals and visit the Keyan Scenic Areas.

  • Taoist Mountain of Baochu

    Enjoy early morning or late afternoon walk at the Taoist mountain of Baochu. Pass through Baopu Courtyard, Ziyun Cave, Qixia Cave, Taoist shrines and Buddhist statues. Top off with a fantastic sunrise or sunset at Baochu Pagoda overlooking Hangzhou city.

  • Tongli Water Town with Cruise

    Today, you will make a visit to the Tongli Ancient Town, stopping at Tuisi Garden, Jianyin Hall and ancient bridges. Afterwards, enjoy a cruise along the water town to take in its beauty.

  • Tunxi Old Street

    Stroll along the Tunxi Old Street and enjoy the Huizhou Culture. Surround yourself with the fragrance of tea and indulge in local snacks while admiring the beautiful Ming and Qing Dynasties architectures.

  • Westlake Boat Tour in Hangzhou

    Jump on board and sail on the Westlake! Visit Guo's Garden, a beautiful traditional garden, and Leifeng Pagoda. Head to the China National Tea Museum and dive into the long history and culture surrounding tea.

  • Wuzhen Water Town

    Soak in the romantic ambience from Wuzhen's ancient docks, waterside pavilions and corridors from this beautifully preserved water town dating back to the late Qing dynasty period.

  • Xitang Water Town

    Enjoy a boat ride at the charming Xitang, with nine river and over 100 bridges running through different corners of the town.

  • Xixi National Wetland Park Boat Tour

    Enjoy a boat ride along the Wetland surroundings, soaking in the various ponds, lakes, swamps, village lives, as well as the "Three Causeways" and "Ten Sights" of Xixi National Wetland Park.

Location & directions

Hangzhou, China

Situated on 14 hectares to the west of West Lake, on the outskirts of Hangzhou. Just a 20-minute drive from the city centre, Amanfayun features the original village layout, with a 600-metre main thoroughfare, the Fayun Pathway.

How to get there

Amanfayun is approximately a 50-minute drive north of Hangzhou Airport. The airport is serviced by both domestic and international flights. International flights operate daily between Hangzhou and Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Seoul and Singapore. Access from Shanghai is either by car (approximately three hours) or by fast train (45 minutes).

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