Tatajuba Dunes and Torta Lagoon

Jericoacoara, Northeast Coast

Take a day tour around Tatajuba in Brazil and be enchanted by magnificent sand dunes and stunning lagoons. Explore the mysterious old town engulfed by sand and take the chance to slide down some of the dunes by sandboard if you're feeling adventurous!

The Tatajuba tour is a favourite among guests and is a must when you are in the area. You will be greeted at your hotel reception by a private, specialised driver who will spend the whole day with you.

A stop at Old and New Tatajuba, a village which has had to be moved due to the encroaching dunes, will give you your first glance at the enormous scale of the surrounding dunes. The largest of the dunes, the Funnel, is a formidable climb but totally worth it for the spectacular views you will be rewarded with over the surrounding dunes and lagoons. Arrive in the evening and enjoy a rare view of the stunning sunsets that treat the west-facing coast of this secluded area of Brazil. If you are feeling adventurous this is also a great spot for sandboarding so make like the locals and give it a go!

Finally, pay a visit the Torta lagoon where you can bathe in warm waters and enjoy a relaxing moment on a hammock perched right in the beautiful lagoon.

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