Explore Pond Inlet (Nunavut), Canada


Combining archaeological sites with spectacular glaciers and soaring mountains, Pond Inlet is a beautiful and fascinating spot on Baffin Island that you may visit today.

Lying in the north of Baffin Island, Pond Inlet is a small Inuit community that was named after by English astronomer John Pond in 1818 by the explorer John Ross. Now a thriving town of 1,500 residents, Pond Inlet is considered to be one of Canada’s ‘Jewels of the North’ due in part to its spellbinding glaciers and towering mountain ranges. The region’s history can be charted back to the ancient Dorset and Thule people with a number of archaeological sites nearby, while the Inuit hunted the seals, polar bears, walrus and narwhals here before the European and American whalers arrive to trade in bowhead whales. As you explore the town you may like to visit the art galleries where the traditional printmaking and stone carving of the Inuit can be found. 

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