Explore the Hudson Strait, Canada


Cruising through the Labrador Sea, your journey continues northwards towards the Hudson Strait, an infamous body of water where the ice conditions are likely to determine the course of your voyage.

As you travel through the Hudson Strait, charting a course mapped out by your captain in response to the ice conditions of the region, you should be able to make a handful of shore landings to explore this rugged and remote landscape. Discover an unspoilt and largely untouched coastline on Akpatok Island, keeping an eye out for polar bears that can sometimes be spotted on the rocky shore. Travel in a Zodiac to admire the intriguing geology of the cragged hills of Sugluk Bay and step back in time on Diana Island to imagine the lives of the early pioneers as they braved these austere and seemingly inhospitable shores, home only to musk oxen, reindeer and other Artic wildlife.

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