Visit Devon Island (Radstock Bay), Canada


You have another chance to visit Devon Island today, exploring the Thule culture, fossils and birdlife of Radstock Bay.

With another landing on Devon Island, this time at Radstock Bay, your visit today takes in the incredible variety so representative of the Arctic, with Thule settlements, ancient fossils and exceptional birdlife. While the island was first mapped by the British in 1820, it had long been home to the Thule people and evidence of their settlement can be seen in the garmat homes, crafted from rocks, sod and whale bones, with skin roofs. Beautiful fossils of corals, nautiloids and crinoids can also be seen, while across the waters of Lancaster Sound lies Prince Leopold Island, a Canadian Bird Terrestrial Habitat. This federally listed migratory bird sanctuary boasts large colonies of thick-billed murres, Northern fulmars and black-legged kittiwakes.

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