Riding Safaris in Africa

Chase down the horizon on horseback cheek to jowl with a dazzle of zebra. Keep pace with the great wildebeest migration as it surges across the Serengeti or watch unnoticed as a cheetah hunt unfolds. Africa’s sweeping landscapes are an open invitation if you seek the thrill of viewing wildlife from your saddle. Whatever your ability, a riding safari will get you deeper into the wilderness than any game drive.

Whether in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia or Botswana, a riding safari is a truly immersive experience. If you’re an veteran equestrian, you’ll love a multi-day ride that takes you into remote areas inaccessible by vehicle. You can often spend a week in the saddle without encountering a fence or paved road. Expect to spend six or seven hours each day aboard your hardy steed in the company of expert, safety conscious guides before fly camping beneath the stars, sharing stories around the campfire.

If that sounds suspiciously like hard work or you’re new to riding, various safari camps and lodges provide gentle day or half day rides to spice up a more traditional vehicle-based safari. Alternatively, you can experience life on a rural farm where you can see horses herding cattle. There you can ride if you want to or simply absorb a different way of life.

Ultimately, the real beauty of a riding safari, long or short, is being able to get up close with nature, to blend in with galloping herds, and soaking up the smaller sights and sounds you might otherwise miss on a game drive, all in relative silence.

At a Glance

  • Be honest about your riding ability. It helps us match you to the most appropriate riding safari and enables your host to pick the perfect horse

  • Saddle breaks. Long, lazy lunches in the shade provide ample time to read so bring a good book

  • Cover up. Pack a wide-brimmed hat or hard hat, lightweight clothing that includes a cotton top to cover your shoulders, binoculars and plenty of sunscreen

  • Riding with kids. Riding safaris are great for children but err on the side of caution when considering their stamina and ability

  • Relax! Your consultant will give you a thorough packing list and everything you need to know to ensure that your riding safari is a runaway success

  • Safari and beach. Consider adding a few days of barefoot luxury at an African beach resort to prepare for or unwind from the physical demands of your riding safari

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Kenya on Horseback - Offbeat Safaris

Masai Mara, Kenya

Saddle up for an exhilarating seven-night riding adventure with Offbeat Safaris through the Masai Mara. Enjoy exceptional wildlife encounters on horseback with outstanding guiding in wonderfully wild locations as you travel between mobile bush camps. Offbeat Riding Safaris only use thoroughbred and thoroughbred cross horses with English, polo,...

Best for: Off the beaten track, Riding, Adventure, Wildlife

Active Namibia

Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etendeka Concession Area, Etosha, Okonjima

This self-drive Namibian adventure is perfect for those who are seeking an active vacation peppered with some stunning desert landscapes. Explore the vast wilderness with its beautifully barren panoramas as you hike, quad bike, kayak and drive your way across Namibia.

Best for: Adventure, Off the beaten track, Couples, Road trip

Wild Botswana Riding Safari

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Experience the magic of an Okavango Delta safari on horseback. This five-day horseback safari makes for an exciting and natural safari experience, allowing you to get closer to game than ever before. When the annual flooding leaves vast areas of the Delta inaccessible to vehicles horseback becomes the best way to explore the area with as little...

Best for: Adventure, Off the beaten track, Riding, Wildlife

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