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Giorgie Holborn

I’ve been naturally curious my entire life. From as young as I could remember I would read countless books and imagine the unique cultures, animals, and experiences the world has to offer. I fell in love with traveling after volunteering in Costa Rica when I was 16 and have since jumped at any opportunity to explore the world.

Giorgie Holborn

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a new country. Being able to immerse myself in new cultures and new climates has always provided such a special feeling. From my first sunset swim in Costa Rica to my most recent trip to Kenya and Uganda, the images of my travels float through my mind every day! I love adventurous travel like Paragliding in Peru and hiking Macha Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. But I also love getting lost in the stories of a place, like wandering through the streets of Jerusalem or walking through the hills of Wales that my dad grew up in.

Favourite places I've been

My hot picks

My top tips

  • If you are able- consider traveling in less busy seasons! Avoiding the crowds can make your overall experience feel even more private.

  • Plan your trip in advance to ensure you get the best experience for you! Lodges fill up and gorilla permits are sold on a first come first serve basis.

  • Take part in as many conservation and community activities as you can in the areas which offer them! Its amazing to see what has been done to empower communities and protect wildlife and makes safari so much more special.

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