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Ellis Valentine

My desire to see the world began from a young age and my wanderlust has taken me to many places since, though none has struck me quite like India. My love of the Subcontinent began when I travelled overland from Chennai to Delhi back in 2011, where I had the opportunity to see some extraordinary places, meet some incredible people and of course eat delicious and surprisingly varied food.

Ellis Valentine

India was so different from anything I had experienced before and really sparked something within me. The best way I could describe it is that in India, your senses are heightened; everything is louder, brighter and spicier, and you are left feeling like there is no other place quite like it on earth. Since that first mesmerising encounter I have continued to travel to other destinations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa to expand my horizons, but of course I always return to my first love every chance that I get. I have not yet found another country which offers such variety, and every time I leave I am left with the unshakeable feeling that in India, there is always more to explore.

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  • I would love to go around Indonesia where I can visit all the Islands and see the Komodo Dragon.

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